Organic Whole Oats
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Organic Oats

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Only available in 40 lbs bags through wholesale or your local retail store.

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Product Description

Scratch and Peck Feed’s Whole Grain Oats are Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Organic . We use Pacific Northwest grown whole grains from Certified Organic farms throughout the region. Oats are not used in the majority of our feeds, but we are proud to provide such a high quality ingredient to our Naturally Free 3-Grain Scratch and Goat Feed!

Feeding Information

You can feed Whole Oats to your chickens by tossing them out as scratch, cooking them or sprouting!

All of our animal feeds are formulated as complete rations (except 3-Grain Scratch and Scratch n’ Corn) so additional supplementation of grains is usually not required.

Sprouting Information

Disclaimer: Since we source grains from many different farms, we cannot guarantee that our grains are able to be sprouted.
Most of our grains are purchased directly from farms fresh off the field in their natural, whole state. Typically, these grains can be sprouted. Sprouted grains can offer increased nutritional value and digestibility to many animals.

If you would like to try sprouting our grains, please visit the link below to learn more about the process. Please understand that we cannot guarantee successful sprouting due to many variables out of our control.

Check out this site for sprouting resources! “Easy Ways to Sprout Seeds for your Chickens” – Sue Strantz

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