Oyster Shell



Suitable for:

  • Chicken 20+ Weeks
  • Duck 20+ Weeks

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Oyster Shell is an egg-cellent way to help your laying ladies produce strong eggshells. Calcium is crucial for happy, healthy egg production. That’s why use we use pure flaked oyster shell. No random assortment of Sally’s seashells from the seashore here!

Why does your oyster shell look different from what I've purchased elsewhere?

How much oyster shell should I put our for my chickens?

Why do I need to supplement calcium for my chickens?

What is the shelf life of your oyster shell?

Flaked Oyster Shell

Guaranteed Analysis
Calcium MIN|36.0%
Calcium MAX|41.0%

Offer Oyster Shell free-choice in a separate container for birds to consume as they need.

Additional Notes
  • Birds self-regulate calcium needs.
  • If a calcium deficiency occurs, birds will pull from their skeletal system leading to poor health.
Feed Details
  • High in Calcium
  • Pure Oyster Shell
  • Supports strong eggshells
  • Sustainably sourced
  • NEW recyclable packaging

Oyster Shell


We are proud to be the first feed manufacturer to be both certified organic and non-GMO verified.