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Oyster Shell



Suitable for:

  • Chicken 20+ Weeks
  • Duck 20+ Weeks
Oyster Shell is an egg-cellent way to help your laying ladies produce strong eggshells. Calcium is crucial for happy, healthy egg production. That’s why use we use pure flaked oyster shell. No random assortment of Sally’s seashells from the seashore here!

Why does your oyster shell look different from what I've purchased elsewhere?

How much oyster shell should I put our for my chickens?

Why do I need to supplement calcium for my chickens?

What is the shelf life of your oyster shell?

Flaked Oyster Shell

Guaranteed Analysis
Calcium MIN|36.0%
Calcium MAX|41.0%

Offer Oyster Shell free-choice in a separate container for birds to consume as they need.


Additional Notes
  • Birds self-regulate calcium needs.
  • If a calcium deficiency occurs, birds will pull from their skeletal system leading to poor health.
Feed Details
  • High in Calcium
  • Pure Oyster Shell
  • Supports strong eggshells
  • Sustainably sourced
  • NEW recyclable packaging
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Oyster Shell


We are proud to be the first feed manufacturer to be both certified organic and non-GMO verified.

  1. I have never been disappointed by any product from Scratch and Peck! Our chickens have always loved oyster shell. I usually put it together with other treat type things and just sprinkle it on the ground. By morning it’s usually all eaten up. Glad to hear we can use the Cluckin Good Limestone if the oyster shell is not available!!

    Barb Shewan (verified owner)

  2. This is the only oyster shell my hens will eat

    dale wollenberg (verified owner)

  3. Oyster shell is actually consumed by my hens. Thank you for a good product

    Lynne Cameron (verified owner)

  4. Arrived quickly and in good shape. My hens seem to not eat regular oyster shell but appear to at least explore this, but it is too early to tell how much they are eating.

    alicehp24 (verified owner)

  5. These are the only oyster shells my chickens will eat! They love ‘em!

    Jennifer Farmer (verified owner)

  6. I had been searching for a pure oyster shell grit for my laying hens. Everything I found was mixed with coral, which I object to on an ecological basis as well as the fact that my girls wouldn’t touch it. I was baking and crumbling their own shells to keep their shells strong, but still kept an eye peeled for oyster shells. I even resorted to collecting oyster shells off the beach at Hood Canal, but then we couldn’t figure out a way to crush them. I’ve been using Scratch and Peck organic feed for the hens and discovered they also had pure oyster shells so I tried them. The girls have been as happy with that as they are with the feed.

    Vicki Holt (verified owner)

    • Yes Vicki – good quality Oyster Shell is hard to find right now. We have a limited supply available to make sure to get it while it lasts. Another option when that runs out will be our Cluckin Good Limestone. This pure limestone is suited for chicken, ducks and all water fowl, and of great importance to us is SUSTAINABLE and does not contain coral. Good luck to your happy flock!

      Dawn Urness

  7. When Scratch n Peck was out of this product this past year 2021, I had to get oyster shells from our local store. My ducks and chickens do not like it near as well as this product. Their shells started getting weaker. I sell my duck eggs and when washing them they would break so much easier plus spoil sooner since air can get through thinner shells quicker. Since this is back in stock shells are so much stronger and my ducks and chickens are eating more. I’m going to make sure I stay stocked up.

    cherimatanimalhouse (verified owner)

  8. I used to think that oyster shell was all the same. I had the same dish of oyster shell sitting out for my girls for months, they hardly ever touched it, even if I threw out the old stuff and put in fresh of the same kind. On a whim I purchased a bag of the S&P oyster shell and my girls are regularly going through it! Their shells are stronger and they’re laying bigger eggs. Wow!

    Amber Stewart (verified owner)

    • Quality always performs – Thanks for the feedback Amber!
      Scratch and Peck

      Dawn Urness

  9. Sooo…I had no idea that my hens were picky about their Oyster shell. I wpuld always have your usual

    Amber Stewart (verified owner)

  10. Clucking Good oyster shell is far and away my chook and ducks’ favorite. They won’t eat other commercial oyster shell, so it was a long go when you were out of stock on this item. We’re back in good stead now and hope your source remains steady.
    Thank you for all the quality products that keep my flock thriving!

    pls98382 (verified owner)

    • Thank you so much for your kindness. We are so glad we are your flocks favorite!

      Cortney Brown

  11. Chickens love this stuff…when there was a shortage I bought something else….still have it left over. I love that it is flaked not chunks

    susanclaire77 (verified owner)

  12. The only oyster shells my gals will eat!!! While they were out of stock over the past year, I was forced to try all other brands… all of which ended up becoming added color to our gravel pathways. All 18 hens loyally waited for Scratch & Peck oyster shells to come back into stock!

    Jennifer Farmer (verified owner)

    • We are so glad it’s finally back in stock too! Happy to hear your girls are too!!!

      Cortney Brown

  13. I have ducks, and they love Scratch & Peck oyster shell. Not being a duck, I can’t tell you why, but they have a definite preference. There was a point where Scratch & Peck ran out of oyster shell, and I had to settle for oyster shell by Purina . My ducks absolutely wouldn’t eat it. They did throw it all over the coop, but ducks can be playful. Anyway, now I try to make sure that I always have a good supply of Scratch & Peck oyster shell!

    Anne Tearse (verified owner)

  14. Scratch & Peck oyster shell is so different than other brands. Instead of the white chalky lumps, it’s actual pieces of grayish/silver crushed oyster shell. I do crush and feed back eggshells to my chickens, but I like to keep oyster shell in a dispenser for them as a back up. I love the quality.

    Lisa Steele/Fresh Eggs Daily

  15. My chickens love this oyster shell and the shape it is cut in (like chips or slivers) is better than any of the other brands. Please continue to make it!!

    Patricia Semen (verified owner)

  16. My girls enjoy this oyster shell above the others that I have tried. Thanks for having another outstanding product

    Maria Mogg (verified owner)

  17. Cluckin good oyster shell. My ladies love this oyster shell. They barely touched the lumpy oyster shell of other brands. I was so excited when I found this I searched for quite awhile. Then when I saw how they gobbled it up I was very happy and relieved. Thanks my ladies are happy and so am I.

    Debora Manning