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Organic Scratch + Corn

Suitable for:

  • Chicken 20+ Weeks
  • Duck 20+ Weeks
Organic Scratch + Corn is a smart snack that helps birds keep chilly weather in check. This masterful mix of grains, carbs, and nutritious oils motivates metabolism and has been known to fuel a feathered frenzy or two.

How much Scratch + Corn should I give my chickens and ducks?

Can I feed my birds Scratch + Corn as their main food source?

How should I feed Scratch + Corn?

What is the shelf life of your Scratch + Corn?

Organic Barley, Organic Corn, Organic Wheat, Organic Sunflower Oil

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein MIN|9.0%
Crude Fat MIN|3.0%
Crude Fiber MAX|4.5%
Ash MAX|2.5%

Feed Organic Scratch + Corn by hand or scatter on the ground to encourage natural scratching behavior.


Additional Notes
  • Treats should not exceed more than 10% of a bird’s diet.
  • Introduce new treats gradually and give your flock access to grit to aid with digestion.
  • Always provide clean, fresh water.
Feed Details
  • A whole grain treat for your flock
  • Packed with energy to hype up the hens
  • Think of it like a trail to tail mix
  • NEW recyclable packaging
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Organic Scratch + Corn


We are proud to be the first feed manufacturer to be both certified organic and non-GMO verified.

  1. My chickens absolutely love this scratch and come running (or flying!) when they see me bring it out! I usually save it for a treat or in cold weather and like so many other custormers have said, I feel good about giving them a healthy treat that they love!

    mission214 (verified owner)

  2. Excellent product! I was buying another brand that included black oil sunflower seeds in their scratch, but I prefer to monitor when and how much BOSS I give my hens. They love this scratch! I usually toss a scoop into my fermented feed too which is mainly S&P layer feed. Keep up the great products!

    Pamela Herron (verified owner)

  3. My chickens LOVE this stuff and I like feeding it in the winter to help keep them warm. I live in north Idaho, so we get some pretty cold nights here.

    ssmd1949 (verified owner)

  4. My chickens LOVE this scratch! I live in north Idaho, so got the one with corn for the winter to provide a little extra warmth. When I open the coop in the morning they all run to the area that I usually throw the scratch out for them.

    ssmd1949 (verified owner)

  5. Not only do my hens absolutely love this scratch, buy my ducks go bonkers for it as well! And it’s something that I can feel good about giving them. Top notch product!