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Why Did the Chicken Break the Law? Because Its Owner Didn’t Obey Local Ordinances.

Rather than keeping backyard chickens under the cloak of darkness, research your city’s or town’s laws and ordinances to be sure you’re allowed to have the feathered friends. That way you aren’t fretting that every bawk and cluck is setting off alarms to surrounding neighbors, just biding your time until authorities come knocking at your [...]

Ambassador Spotlight: Stacy Benjamin

Give us your elevator pitch on who you are and what you enjoy. I got my first three backyard chickens in 2010 when I lived on a 50' x 100' urban lot in Portland. It wasn't long before three chickens turned into five hens and a rooster, and I began longing for a bigger yard [...]

How to Store Scratch and Peck Feeds

If you asked your animals, we bet they’d say there is nothing better than a trough of fresh Scratch and Peck to get them ready for their day. Properly storing our feeds will help ensure that the premium quality of the whole grains is retained so your animals get the best nutrition. Here are some tips on how [...]