Pioneers in the feed industry, Scratch and Peck Feeds was the first organic chicken feed manufacturer in North America to receive the official badges of USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Verified. Today, we produce only the most premium animal feeds including organic chicken feed, livestock feeds, specialty feeds, supplements, and treats sourced from North American farmers, growers, and producers. Our products are free of soy and other non-essential ingredients and fillers.

Our mission is to make honest, wholesome organic, animal feed products with the most heartfelt regard for our planet and fellow living creatures. We envision a world where organic and whole foods are found on every table, organic culture is dominant, animals are humanely raised, and people understand that you are what your animals eat.

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We are dedicated to promoting sustainable farming practices, supporting local economies, and producing healthy, wholesome, and clean animal feeds.

Scratch and Peck Feeds Organic Poultry Feed

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For turkeys, goats, pigs, and sheep

Scratch and Peck Feeds Organic Sprouting Grains

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Nutritious, Sustainable, and Convenient 

Our organic chicken feed product line now offers the convenience of a pellet without compromising nutrition. Introducing the 1st USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified pellet formulated with black soldier fly larvae (grubs). Our grubs are raised on pre-consumer food waste which would otherwise end up in a landfill.  Did you know that each bag of our Organic Layer Pellet + GRUB Protein saves up to 16.4 lb of pre-consumer food waste from entering a landfill?

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If you've raised teenagers, you know their active metabolisms can make it seem impossible to keep them full. Thankfully feeding your 'teenage' birds are much easier. Our Grower feed has all of the vitamins, protein and nutrients your teens need to continue to grow strong. ...

'It feels great sourcing this incredible feed and knowing the animals I'm feeding it to are growing a superior quality and nutritionally dense food product. Remember, “You are what your animals eat!”. 📸 @farmernicole ...

Happy Monday flock! We're cheering for you to have a cluckin' amazing week! ...

Growing 'teenage' birds need grit in their diet for the healthy development of their gizzard. Our Grower Grit is made up of insoluble crushed quartzite and granite that aids in digestion.
After approximately 20 weeks of age birds can be given Layer Grit!

Our bags are made of biodegradable paper so instead of ending up in the landfill they can end up in your yard or garden! @theeggfarmer used their empty bags around their lime tree. What a great idea! How have you recycled your empties? ...

@birdsongfarmnh has got something up their sleeve... ...

Hop in the wagon and join the flock! When you sign up for Flock's Journey you get $5 off select poultry products in store or online. Our community is a great place to make friends, learn and grow together. Visit our site to learn more! ...

Happy #bestfriendsday! Whether your bestie is a feathery friend or that of the human kind, don't forget to take a moment today to tell them you love them. ...

Baby chicks grow up so fast... and these little ladies already have their eye on their coop! What are you doing to help transition your baby chicks into coop life? #scratchandpeckfeeds ...

Now this is something to crow about! Thanks @Outdoor_Life for naming us the #Best #Organic #Chicken Feed and Best Scratch Chicken Feed. #scratchandpeckfeeds ...