Cluckin’ Good Organic Cracked Corn

Cluckin’ Good Organic Cracked Corn


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Scratch and Peck Feed’s Cracked Corn is Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Organic. We use whole grains from Certified Organic farms throughout the Pacific Northwest. Sourced as close to our mill as possible, our cracked corn is an excellent source of carbohydrates for energy to help fend off cold weather. You can provide this as a supplement to our layer feeds or as an additional treat.

To comply with Non-GMO Project standards, all of our corn has been tested by an accredited lab and has passed non-GMO compliance requirements.

Provide to poultry as a supplement to our balanced layer feeds. Offer plenty of fresh water and free choice Cluckin’ Good Layer Grit. Add 1:10 ratio of Cluckin’ Good Organic Cracked Corn to Naturally Free Organic Layer to boost carbohydrates during winter months.

What is the shelf life of Organic Cracked Corn?


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