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Poultry Grit



Chick, Grower, or Layer Sizes

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Product Description

Scratch and Peck offers grit in three sizes – Chick, Grower, and Layer. We recommend Chick Grit from hatching to 8 weeks, with our Grower Grit being the appropriate size from 8 weeks to 20 weeks and Layer Grit after that. Broilers should switch directly from the Chick Grit to the Layer Grit at 4 weeks of age.

Grit is necessary for the healthy development of a chicken’s gizzard. The gizzard aids in digestion, and allows for maximum nutrient benefit from whole grain feeds. Grit comes in various sizes for different birds depending on size and age.

Made up of insoluble crushed rock, grit remains in the bird’s gizzard to help with digestion. Grit is an essential part of your bird’s diet and should always be provided, especially if there is no access to small, sharp rocks (like a gravel driveway).

Our Layer Grit may be larger than what has been provided commercially, however, a long running poultry enterprise that we work with achieves their best results with this larger grit. If you have bantams or smaller hens, you may want to stick with the Grower Grit.


Feeding Information

Chick Grit
Grower Grit
Layer Grit


If my flock is free range, do I still need to offer grit?
The grit looks too big! Should I get a smaller size?
How is grit different from Oyster Shell?

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