Naturally Free Organic Layer Pellets + Grub Protein

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Naturally Free Organic Layer Pellets + Grub Protein

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Naturally Free Organic Layer Pellets + Grub Protein is a nutritious, convenient, and sustainable feed for laying chickens and ducks. Expertly formulated with organic whole grains, grub protein, and essential vitamins and minerals guaranteeing your flock receives optimal nutritional benefits. Naturally Free Organic Layer Pellets + Grub Protein is simple to feed, easily digestible, and complete quality nutrition for your laying flock – zero fuss, zero fillers, real ingredients.

This Stage Three feed is appropriate for laying chickens and ducks at 20 weeks of age or when laying begins. The higher levels of calcium help to produce stronger eggshells.

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This feed is suitable for laying chickens and ducks.

Available online in 25 lbs | 50 lbs (Shipped in the format of 2, 25lb bags)

35-lb bags are available to wholesale customers and in select retail locations. Visit our online Store Locator Map to find an authorized retail location near you.



Scratch and Peck Feeds Organic Layer Pellets + Grub Protein is a nutritious, convenient, and sustainable feed for laying chickens and ducks.


Expertly formulated with organic whole grains, grub protein, and essential vitamins and minerals guaranteeing your flock receives optimal nutritional benefits. Naturally Free Organic Layer Pellets + Grub Protein is simple to feed, easily digestible, and complete quality nutrition for your laying flock – zero fuss, zero fillers, real ingredients.


As the need for sustainably produced food increases, insects play a vital role in providing protein-rich nutrients that minimize environmental impact. Grubs (Black Soldier Fly Hermetia illucens) are raised on pre-consumer food waste which would otherwise end up in landfills, then turned into powerhouse nutrition for your flock.

Tasty and nutritious, our grubs are 100% natural, have up to 40% protein, and are rich in calcium, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. Formulating feed with grub protein supplies your flock with a nutritional experience you can feel good about.

By purchasing this bag of feed you will save 16.4 lbs of food waste from entering a landfill. That’s the weight of 120 eggs!


A woman-owned Certified B Corp, Scratch and Peck Feeds is the first animal feed manufacturer to receive Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified certifications.

Our commitment to sourcing only the best organically grown grains and nutritious ingredients from North American family farmers has been our focus from day one. As advocates for sustainability, we stand with the agricultural community, working together to find solutions that support the health of our planet, people, and animals.

We invite you to join us as we positively evolve the future of the food industry.

Organic Wheat, Organic Barley, Organic Peas, Organic Flaxseed Meal, Fish Meal, Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Organic Sunflower Oil, Ground Limestone, Essential Oils, Vitamins and Minerals

20 reviews for Naturally Free Organic Layer Pellets + Grub Protein

  1. alicehp24 (verified owner)

    My Buckeyes love these pellets. I first mixed some into their existing pellets, but that wasn’t necessary because I offered it from my hand before they had even seen the mix and they scarfed the pellets up as is (after tasting one or two first). I am very impressed that the bag had very little dust or fine particles in it, it is pretty much all pellets. Will be buying again!

  2. Amber Stewart (verified owner)

    My hens love this feed. I had no issue switching them over to it over 3 days, and their eggs are delicious. They used to pick through the regular S&P layer feed and leave a lot of powder behind. With the new pelleted feed I have confidence that they’re getting all their nutritional needs met! FYI, I know some folks have commented on the pellets being too large. I don’t think that is the case at all. They don’t look enormous and my girls have no trouble or hesitation about eating them.

    In short, another great product from a great company!

  3. David Squires (verified owner)

    This is an update to an earlier review from August 27, 2021. Courtney made it right and helped fix the shipping issue. When the feed arrived the chickens devoured this feed they absolutely loved it. Will be re-ordering again. Thank you!

    5 Stars.

  4. CARLA GIACOMANGELI (verified owner)

    Excellent feed and both chickens and ducks love it!
    Love that it comes in paper bags as well that we can recycle or use in compost .

    • Cortney Brown

      Even the ink we use is toxin free and completely safe for composting. We have heard of a lot of customers using them in their flower beds too! So happy to hear your feathered friends love us; thank you for reaching out!

  5. Laura Hamilton (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this feed! (well– I should say my hens do)! The high quality feed makes me feel like a good chicken mama and this is confirmed by how crazy my ladies go for it!
    The customer service at Scratch and Peck Feeds is also top notch. I’m so grateful for this company and play to keep using this feed as long as I have chickens!

    • Cortney Brown

      We are so glad your hens are happy with us and you too! Thank you for choosing us to feed your girls! 🙂

  6. khabirawise (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it. I’ve been fermenting S&P feeds for my flock for the 4 years I’ve been raising them and always felt good about it. (I never had an issue with fines not being eaten due to fermenting, btw.) But my schedule recently became more complicated so I made the switch and I’m so glad I did!

    In addition to saving me time and fuss and freeing me to tend the hens on a more flexible schedule and not because they Need Feed Right Now, there are no more messy troughs to scrub, there is less pecking order drama because they don’t all rush the feed when I bring out fresh ferment, nor do I have the stress of am I feeding too much and wasting it or not enough?

    Most importantly, they love the feed and their combs and wattles are all brilliant red and their laying is excellent so they’re clearly thriving on it.

    Here’s hoping Grower and Starter versions appears one of these days, too. 😉

    • Cortney Brown

      This is so great to hear! Thank you for your trust in us with your flock. We are so excited about our adventure into pellets and giving everyone the options they need to take care of their feathered friends! 🙂

  7. David Squires (verified owner)

    We never received our order. We contacted the seller multiple times because they sent it to the wrong address. We never received a response… But they definitely billed us for the feed. We cannot give a good review because they didn’t ship it to us. It sounds like our chickens would enjoy this feed but who knows if it will show up if you make an order? Buyer beware.

    • Cortney Brown

      I am so sorry that your comment was not replied to earlier and your issue was not resolved. I was able to do a little digging and I saw that your previous package made it but this last order definitely had an error in shipping.
      I’m not sure how it happened but we would love to make it right. I personally will be sending you out the item you ordered. Thank you so much for reaching out!

  8. lenacchamplin (verified owner)

    My birds love this stuff. I love that it’s not full of corn AND it’s organic. The pellet size is fine. I have been mixing it with some other feeds because I have bags of the other stuff to use up, but I plan to use mostly this going forward.

    • Customer Advocate

      Lena- I am glad everything has worked out, we appreciate you and all of our customers who take the time to reach out.

  9. Tracey Banning (verified owner)

    My girl loves these pellets! I initially gave them to her as a treat and she would get so excited when I asked if she wanted “bug food”. She has scissor beak (aka crooked beak) and is able to pick them up with no trouble. Now I mix one bag of these pellets with one bag of the organic layer grain feed for her daily food and she’s as happy as can be.

    • Customer Advocate

      Thank you, Tracey- We love hearing from our customers.

  10. Jaye Hopkins (verified owner)

    Our chickens really liked the Organic Layer feed, but they made quite a mess sifting through it, resulting in a lot of dust and lost bits on the ground. We switched to these pellets to eliminate waste, and it worked! Our ladies were definitely a little less enthused about the change for a day or two, but they quickly settled with it and now eat it happily. There is very little waste and very little feed dust at the bottom of their feeder. We did get one soft egg after the switch, but after putting out oyster shell it hasn’t been an issue again. For reference, we have four large breed layers and live where it gets very COLD in winter and very HOT in the summer. They have been eating this for six+ months and their egg production and quality have been excellent. Yay for healthy, happy birds. 🙂

    • Customer Advocate

      Thank you for taking the time to write in Jaye. Switching to the pellets can be a challenge for some flocks, glad you and the girls are happy!
      Scratch and Peck Feeds

  11. dale wollenberg (verified owner)

    I was delighted to learn of Scratch and Peck layer pellet feed! The whole grain was also awesome however my hens picked out only what they liked and ate that. Also the squirrels devoured the whole grain. I found it difficult to purchase soy free feed in my area and corn feed was insufficient and heat producing. My hens are healthy and laying almost daily eggs with nice solid shells. My hens and I love the pellets! Thank you!

    • Joni Brown

      This is wonderful news. Thank you for sharing.

  12. ad_gaither (verified owner)

    I have been using these pellets on my Buff Orpington’s for the past 4 months or so. They love them. I have read other reviews about the pellets being too big or chickens not liking them. My chicken’s have no problem with them and I know there is less waste and they are getting all they need. Now, if I offer them scratch or the pellets, of course they are going after the scratch, but this is what they love to eat when they need a meal.
    Love Scratch and Peck and this product does not disappoint!

    Try it!

    • Joni Brown

      YAY! I am doing cartwheels over here.

  13. Linda Lynch (verified owner)

    I have feed my girls S&P for years. I just couldn’t figure out how to get them to eat the fines. I was envious of other chickens with their bright red combs. I stated the grub pellets by wetting the pellets. They took to it immediately. I no longer wet it and they still love it. Maybe I never had to wet it but they had never had pellets before. My girls look incredible. They are robust with bright red combs. The difference is noticeable. I love this new feed. Thanks for developing it. To anyone that is having trouble getting your chickens to eat it, try wetting it or fermenting.

    • Joni Brown

      Thank you Linda. We appreciate your helpful review.

  14. Zhenna Bouray (verified owner)

    I purchased two bags. Hens won’t eat it even if I let their other 2 types of feed run nearly out to force them to adjust.. Most of it ends up on the ground. Pellets are too large. Big mistake. I have been buying feed from Scratch and Peck for years and have been satisfied. Not this time. Even with a new batch of hens, who have been on another organic pellet, they avoid it also.

    • Joni Brown

      Hi Zhenna- I am sorry to hear this. Where did you purchase the pellets? Do you use our website? Before our pellets came out I had no experience with a pelleted feed. Before we started marketing it, the employees took the new pellets home and tried them on our own flocks. There were no reports of the pellets being too big, and I have a couple bantams. I have heard many customers say they are too large. I have taken this to our team and they have samples of all pellets currently on the market. Our pellets are standard size, though I see some companies are doing a mini pellets.
      My girls will eat the pellets, but our flagship fermented feed is their favorite. Please let me know how I can make this right with you. Sincerely- Scratch and Peck Feeds

  15. Nicholas Bradbury (verified owner)

    Great product! Less waste than the regular organic layer, and it works very well in a gravity-fed hopper-style feeder.
    The eggs we’re getting now are richer, and the yolks are more vibrant and colorful – even when my birds aren’t getting out to forage, the eggs look like they have been.
    It took my birds a few days to adjust (turns out they’re picky?) but once they figured out that they weren’t getting the old food back, they quit complaining.

    • Sandra Benton

      Hey Nicholas! Thanks for the flockin’ fab feedback on our new Naturally Free Layer Pellets + Grub Protein. We’re always happy to hear how much our hens love our legacy feeds. Just like our featherless children, it often takes a bit of coaxing to get them to try something new. Bravo to you for staying strong! Once they get they get the hang of those grubs in every bite, our pellets quickly become a flock fav! #pickypeckers #scratchandpeckfeeds #thingsaregettinggrubby

  16. Nicole Ballantyne (verified owner)

    Hens won’t eat it. I feel like the pellets are too large for birds? Won’t be ordering again.

  17. howdysarah (verified owner)

    I’m sure this is a great feed, but my chickens will not eat it. They were desperate and ate some of the smaller pellets, but left the bigger pellets. I was assured by customer service that bantams could eat it, but again, with my large birds eating the small pieces only, there wasn’t many left for the bantams. I broke some of the large pellets in half and thirds for the bantams. I called customer service two different times and although I’ve been a very loyal customer for many years buying the whole grain feed, they wouldn’t refund or allow me to return. Their only advice was to not give the chickens any other food or treats and eventually they would eat it. What a waste of $70. Not trying to speak ill, just wanted to let my experience be known.

    • Joni Brown

      Hi Sarah,
      Please feel free to reach out again. We stand behind our products, if you are looking for a refund. Because of our certifications we do not usually take returns. As I did mention to you, my Bantams have no issues with the pellets.
      Thank you, Scratch and Peck Feeds

  18. Molly Lucas (verified owner)

    It took my ladies a few weeks to get used to the pellets, but they eventually did when they realized that it was all there was to eat. I am so happy with this product because I know they are getting a quality feed without the waste we had when they were eating the whole grain feed. I also know they are getting the full nutrition they need instead of only eating the parts they liked out of the whole grain feed and possible missing out on some important nutrients. Thank you!

    • Joni Brown

      YAY!!! Thank you for writing in. Producing a pellet was not an easy decision for us. It started with a poll to our customers a couple years ago, what do you love about us? What do you wish for? Our founder gave us the okay on researching and producing a pellet if met her/our standards. We are very pleased with it. Remember BIRDs are naturally suspicious- but they will adjust.
      Customer Service Advocate

  19. barbara granger (verified owner)

    I love this feed for a couple of reasons: When I used to purchase your whole grain feed, the girls would eat the grains, but ignore the supplements because they were powdered, which was not good :(. However, with these pellets, each beak-full is complete nutrition! Also, I love BSFL for their nutrition and their sustainability AND the fact that they are ‘clean’ (unlike some other insects, bacteria, etc don’t pass from parent to eggs, so diseases don’t get passed on to the birds – if they raised/fed live.) PLUS, my girls love this.

    I added 25% of this to their current pellet feed and there was no problem at all. Transitioning correctly…so next week will be 50%, then 75%, then fully this!

    Again, I am SOOOOO excited that you have added this product, as I am soooo happy to be back as a customer. I love your company, what you stand for, and what you do. I’m glad that you have a product that works for me/’the girls’ that is organic, non-gmo, and sustainable. Thank you for adding this to your chicken feed line 🙂

    • Joni Brown

      Thank you Barbara. I feel like doing a cartwheel when I read these comments.
      Scratch and Peck is an amazing company with amazing products.
      We are very happy that our customers love the pellets and our signature feeds.
      Customer Advocate

  20. Heather Harmon (verified owner)

    My chickens won’t eat it. I’m sure that the layer pellets plus grubs are top quality. But our chickens have always had Scratch and Peck whole grain feed and won’t touch these new pellets. I integrated the pellets in with the old feed for 3 weeks now and they still don’t eat it. Should I switch to pellet feed only and see if they start eating it?

    • Joni Brown

      Hello Heather- Birds dislike change, and can be spoiled eaters. If you really want to use the pellet feed then yes, just switch over. They might not eat for a couple days, but they will not starve themselves. Egg production might drop while they go through the process. For my girls I filled an empty milk jug, hung it so it was beak high, and cut 2 nickel size holes on 2 sides. Once they started playing with it and the feed dropped, they started eating. They still prefer the fermented feed, but I switch between pellets, fermented and dry quite often now. I hope this helps. Reach out anytime! Customer Advocate

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