Organic Cracked Corn

Suitable for:

  • Chicken 20+ Weeks
  • Duck 20+ Weeks
  • Pig All ages
  • Mini Pig All ages
  • Goats All ages
  • Sheep All ages
Organic Cracked Corn supplies extra carbs to curb the cold. When sprinkled across the ground it not only keeps your birds movin’ and groovin’ but boosts metabolism for lasting energy. Our cracked kernals are easily digestible by all animals in the barnyard.

When should I give my chickens and ducks cracked corn?

Is your corn Non-GMO? What about organic?

What is the shelf life of your cracked corn?

Organic Corn

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein MIN|7.5%
Crude Fat MIN|2.5%
Crude Fiber MAX|1.8%

Feed Organic Cracked Corn by hand or scatter it on the ground to encourage natural scratching behavior.

Additional Notes
  • Treats should not exceed more than 10% of a bird’s diet.
  • Introduce new treats gradually and give your flock access to grit to aid with digestion.
  • Always provide clean, fresh water.
Feed Details
  • A high-energy treat for your flock
  • Great for pigs, goats, & sheep too!
  • Always Organic & Non-GMO
  • Easily digestible
  • NEW recyclable packaging

Organic Cracked Corn


We are proud to be the first feed manufacturer to be both certified organic and non-GMO verified.